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Cash with order, postage extra. For spares a strong SAE or jiffy bag, for transfers an SAE.

All cheques made payable to ‘D.G.Williams’. PayPal can be used after contacting myself.

PLEASE NOTE  All spares and transfers listed are replica, except where annotated by

‘HD’ or ‘WR’

ALSO NOTE  When sending an SAE, please take into account if the items can be damaged in the postal machines.

ALSO NOTE  If postage is applied for spares return, please ensure that the correct postage is applied, i.e.: large 1st or 2nd class stamps for slightly bulkier items.

ALSO NOTE When considering an order, please email or phone, to confirm if items are in stock, or at the published price.


Minimum order now £5.00



  • Please enclose an S.A.E with any enquiry.

  • Please state engine type when ordering.

  • Could you please be specific with certain parts as there are variations of the same part. For example: 264T bogie screws, 2R & 3R.

  • Spares listed are only those that will fit directly onto H/D locos.

  • R/F - Ringfield. Non R/F - Non Ringfield.

  • All prices each, UNLESS otherwise stated.

  • City - City of London/Liverpool. Duchess - Duchess of Athol/Montrose.

  • N/A - Not Available.

  • Any notes for Transfers will appear at the end of the Transfers listings.


Revised: August 10, 2013